greater sacramento multi-family properties

Greater Sacramento Leads U.S. in Apartment Occupancy

Apartment occupancy in the Sacramento region is on the rise and…
April 1, 2015/by Brandan Nordell
Happenings in Vallejo

Vallejo Goings-On

Knowing local events can help with Vallejo property management
March 19, 2015/by Nick Munsee

Sacramento Home Values on the Rise

Sacramento median home values up 7.4 percent and median rents…
March 16, 2015/by Brandan Nordell

Property Management and Landlord Hacks

Tips to save you time, money and frustration.
Do you ever wish…
March 2, 2015/by Brandan Nordell

Rent vs Buy: The Continually Evolving Debate

With the general nature of the real estate market being what…
February 17, 2015/by Nick Munsee

Curtis Park Lands List of Top 10 Neighborhoods in the United States

Recently, Redfin compiled a list of the hottest neighborhoods…
February 12, 2015/by Brandan Nordell

You CAN Feel Good About Strangers Living in Your Home

      Most property managers and seasoned investors realize…
October 16, 2014/by Brandan Nordell
online rental payments

Easily Pay Your Rent Online

Paper Checks Are a Thing of the Past

Real Property Management…
July 17, 2014/by Brandan Nordell

Sacramento Summer Fun

9 Ways to spend your summer in Sacramento

Whether you are…
June 17, 2014/by Brandan Nordell

Property Management Glossary




We have compiled a helpful…
June 2, 2014/by Brandan Nordell
rental property inspections | Sacramento Property Management

Why Rental Inspections Are Important: A Horror Story

Like many people in the real estate and property management industry,…
May 16, 2014/by Brandan Nordell
Tips for Safe Rental Property Showings.

Tips for Safe Rental Property Showings

Tip-Top Tips for Safe Rental Property Showings

Showing homes…
April 28, 2014/by Brandan Nordell

Renters Beware: Know the Signs of Rental Scams

Protect yourself from rental scams. Know the signs of rental…
April 3, 2014/by Nick Munsee

4 Reasons Americans Are Losing Hope in Homeownership

Americans are falling out of love with the idea of owning their…
March 21, 2014/by Amy Henschel

5 Ways To Give Your Rental Personality

It's sometimes frustrating for those of us who rent because we…
February 22, 2014/by Nick Munsee

It’s a Dry Heat: 10 Creative Ways to Save Water

With the continuing drought, it is time to start conserving water.…
February 15, 2014/by Nick Munsee

Real Property Management Select Manages Properties in 4 of California’s Safest Cities

A recent publication by SafeWise named 4 cities in RPM Select…
January 30, 2014/by Amy Henschel

Rental Property Going Into Foreclosure? What Tenants Need to Know

Have you received notice that the home you rent is going into…
December 17, 2013/by Amy Henschel

Tablets in Real Estate

Discover the pros and cons of tablets in the real estate industry...

December 16, 2013/by Nick Munsee

8 Ways to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Learn to gain control over your time while getting the job done.

December 16, 2013/by Nick Munsee